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The Qualisiegler
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Are you a discerning customer who wants to renovate their bathroom? It's easier with a Qualisiegler installer.

My installer is competent and extremely friendly.

The bathroom of my dreams

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Searching for tradesmen online? Whether you google "plumber Berlin", "tiler Berlin' or "installation Berlin", finding a reliable installer is not easy.

It is easier with a Qualisiegler installer.

This is how it works

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As a young family, it is important to stick to a budget. We searched for a Berlin-based plumber online, and we found an experienced quality tradesman.

Thanks to this, we were able to renovate our bathroom on a budget!

What about the cost?

New bathroom? Get a beautiful new bathroom the easy way

Bathroom renovation is a matter of trust. As Berlin-based quality-seal tradesman, we offer all services from a single source. We keep to the agreed budget and we work fast to the highest standards in terms of quality and cleanliness!



How much will your dream bathroom cost? With our bathroom calculator you can get an initial overview of the expected costs. You can then request a quotation directly and we recommend the best quality-seal tradesmen for the job. Or you can visit Berlin's most beautiful bathroom showroom at Bergmann & Franz.



In the next step, your quality-seal tradesman will prepare a fixed quotation for you. It will include the cost of the products you have chosen and the construction costs. In addition, he will agree a specific plan with you, which specifies the binding start and completion dates for the works.



Once you confirm the quotation, the implementation of your dream bathroom can go ahead. In this context, we guarantee: a point of contact for all services, friendly & well-trained professionals with solid knowledge of German, clean working clothes and a tidy construction site after work.


How much does such a bathroom renovation cost and what can I get for my budget? How much do the various options cost? These are questions customers previously struggled to find answers to. You can use our bathroom calculator to start planning your project without having to consult any tradesmen!

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With the help of our bathroom calculator, you can cut down the planning time from a few weeks to 5 to 10 minutes. The bathroom calculator is very easy to use. First enter the key data for your bathroom and then select the elements it should include. You have 30 options, which are clearly divided into topics such as washing area & toilets, showers, bathtubs, etc. While you put together your dream bathroom step by step, the calculator works in the background. The respective total is displayed in the lower area of the bathroom calculator. In this way, you can always see the costs of the fittings you have chosen. Naturally, this price can only be a rough guide, but it still gives you a pretty good idea of the budget you need for your new bathroom.

If you send your selection to us online, we will recommend a suitable quality-seal tradesman for your job. He will then carry out an on-site inspection and, if necessary, discuss with you any wishes that are not covered by our bathroom calculator. You will then receive a quotation from us with a binding price.

The project can now start in earnest: Use our bathroom calculator to put together your dream bathroom and plan your budget. We wish you every success and look forward to hearing from you.

Key data
Room size (L×W×H) in meters
Bathroom type ?
! Möchten Sie ein Hauptbad oder Gäste-Bad berechnen lassen? Für ein Hauptbad werden andere Voreinstellungen im Badrechner vorgenommen als für ein Gäste-Bad. Sie können alle Einstellungen manuell anpassen.
Reconfiguration? ?
! Bei einer Neuplanung müssen die Wasser- und Abwasserleitungen für gewöhnlich verändert werden. Dies ist mit höherem Aufwand verbunden.
Washing & toilet facilities
Washing area width
Vanity unit
Accessible shower
Shower column with rain shower
Shower enclosure
Concealed tap ?
! The tap body is installed inside the wall with only the control unit visible.
Thermostat ?
! As a thermostat allows you to adjust the temperature precisely, all you have to do is regulate the amount of water.
Glass splash guard
Tile installation
Wall/floor tiles
Tile price
Heating, painters & electrical installations
Bathroom radiators
Underfloor heating ?
! Underfloor heating ensures a pleasant temperature and keeps your feet nice and warm. Ideal in combination with a bathroom radiator.
Painting package ?
! Tileless areas on walls and ceilings are primed, filled and painted.
Electrical package ?
! The electrical package includes the following services: one light switch, one double socket, one wall outlet, one ceiling outlet and one grounding tray.
Ceiling suspension ?
! Ceiling suspension includes integrated LED spot lights.
Choose your preferred equipment category. It affects the price range of the selected products and thus the total cost.

In this example, the total bathroom cost is approx.:

* No-obligation quote. We will provide you with a binding quotation, which accommodates your individual wishes after an on-site visit

The tradesmen finder: Vetted installers and tilers in Berlin

It can be sometimes difficult to find reliable tilers, plumbers and installers in Berlin. The quality seal guarantees that you can rely on every single company you find on the Qualisiegler website. With just one click you can check the specific expertise of the companies.


Whether you want a new guest bathroom, master bathroom or accessible applications, our focus with respect to our renovation/reconfiguration projects is always on your needs and high quality standards. Click here for some selected references.